Internet services Provider

Having a stable Internet connection is as important as having a working phone.


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Internet Services

We currently supply over 40 business`s with their internet connectivity. and have built a stable network that can meet the demands of our clients requirements. From standard ADSL connections, Wireless ADSL to VPN`s and Diginet solutions.

As we all know with many other ISP`s you can be put on hold for up to 30 min, just to be cut off or told the problem is with the ADSL router. The benifit of housing your ADSL, Hosting and IT Support with Scarlet IT means that we manage it all, and it is in our best intertests to get it working and keep it working.

Many people overlook how important their internet connectivity is until it goes down, for a very large portion of companys if they have to go without internet for a day, it effectivly means that were not open that day.

We have the solutions, knowledge and backup support to keep your doors open all day every day.


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