wireless and Cabled Networking

From connecting your Ipad, Computer, Printer or even connecting two buildings, we have a solution for you.


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Computer Networks

Cabled Networking

We do complete CAT5 and CAT6 computer network installations from your server cabinet to the end point device.whether you need 5 points or 500 points for your computers or IP Phones, we have the knowledge and man power to install any cabled network. including Fiber optic uplinks.

Having an organised and 100% functional network is the foundation to having a stable IT infrastructure. a messy or segmented network can cause havoc when it comes to fault finding and can cause a serious negative financial effect on your business and your staffs productivity.


Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is something that has to be done right the first time or not at all. we supply and install internal wireless networks and Wireless Point to Point (P2P) links between buildings to make it seem as if you are all in the same building.

Something that is overlooked by many is the level of security that is setup on wireless networks. Should it not be done right from the outset you leave yourself open to hackers and network attacks. we supplly only the best equipment that supports the highest level of security and concider ourselves to be one of the leading cabled and wireless network installers in KwaZulu Natal.


We can turn this:

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