Technical support

We not only help in your time of need, but also guide you in the right direction.


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Technical Support

All of our engineers are Microsoft certified and have had many years of hands on field experience with all of the systems we deploy and maintain, Majority of our technical staff were trained and certified in the United Kingdom, with certifications from HP/Compaq, Mikrotik, D-Link etc.


We have two tiers of support environments

Tier 1: Telephonic Remote First Line Support

Tier 2: Senior On-Site Support Engineers

Having this system allows us to first resolve any issues remotley so as to cause as little downtime to our clients as possible, should it not be able to be resolved remotely our Tier 2 Engieers will already have been advised of it and will be able to sort it out on-site without having to fault find the problem first.


We believe in ensuring that we deliver a first-time-fix every time. we do not only specialize in Servers and Workstations, but have a fully trained Networking division for all Cabled and Wireless Network installations and repairs.