No telephone line? no problem!

We can connect you to the internet within 24 hours, provided you are within our coverage.


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Wireless Internet Reseller

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With more than 40 High-Sites from south of Amanzimtoti to Durban North and as far in-land as Pietermaritzburg. This service is based on what we call " line-of-sight" meaning, if you can physically see one of our towers we can give you a Wireless Internet connection.

Should you already have a fixed ADSL line we can install a wireless fail-over connection for your business, so that should your Telkom line go down, the system will automatically change over to the wireless connection and swop back to ADSL once the Telkom line comes back up again. this way you will almost never be without internet and E-mail.

With our equipment being housed in one of South Africas leading Data Centers we are able to benifit from the most reliable technology facilities available.